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We all live in relationship.  Our “YOU” either grows, benefits, and develops because of relationships. Or, must tend, heal, recover, from relationships.  Whether a dysfunctional parent or a natural disaster, We must deal with it because we simply are in that relationship.

To truly deal with relationships we must start with a healthy relationship with ourselves.  So little attention and nurturing is given to this, that a person is often left with “no sense of self,” or low self-esteem. Some people substitute relationships with “significant others” or their children to fill the void.  This really does not work, as the emptiness inside will be pricked with the “other” does not meet one’s needs, The emptiness can overwhelm when that other person or group, etc. is gone.  The good news is that with taking the effort to develop a healthy relationship with yourself, you can then extend that to inter-personal relationships, which are then are healthy.  But, there is so much more to relationship, because there is relationship with nature and all other life and existence — especially the Source of all existence, God, or for those that term is too uncomfortable “Oneness.”   A person must achieve development in all these relationships to fully enjoy well being.  Relationship involves awareness, activity, and commitment.  Holistic Self Care is based upon acknowledging that relationship with self is precious, and holistically caring for yourself.

Relationship with self

This part of the Program develops a person relationship to themselves, by increasing their understanding and personal involvement with their physical/psychological/spiritual needs.    Becoming increasingly self-aware and knowledgeable of all these needs allows a person to become more fully into relationship.  Becoming committed to care for these needs brings quality of life as well as personal wellness.

Relationship to Others

A healthy relationship to self is vital for healthy relationships with others. This part of the Program builds on healthy self relationship, and adds  understanding of relationships with others, as well as the interpersonal skills that give health to those relationships. 

Relationship to Nature

Nature is filled with a myriad of life forms to appreciate and extend a sense of relationship to.  Life, whether one’s own, another person, or a plant or animal, is still “life.”  Relationship with Nature involves essentially entering into relationship with “life” itself.  ” Loneliness gets left behind” the more a person develops relationship life.  Nature also includes the natural elements that sustain life.  To be in relationship to life requires being in relationship to that which sustains life.  Healthy relationships with self and others give a strong basis to a committed and active relationship with nature.

Relationship to Existence

This relationship, when it begins with relationship to the Source of existence, actually enhances developing all the other relationships.   “Go to the Source, and begin a relationship there,” is taught.  This is actually part of taking care of our spiritual needs.  We begin with approaching this relationship as part of our relationship to self; and, with years of development, the relationship with the Source of all existence takes on greater aspects of a deeply committed relationship.  Relationship with existence — infinite and eternal — also develops, giving perspective and peace like no other relationship.

This program can adapted to a variety of areas: education, healthcare, business, and organizations.