Pheo Rose Martin, PhD
Pheo Rose Martin is the Professional name for the person responsible for the content in this website, and is Director of the Replenish Vitality Institute. Her work develops and promotes Integrative Wellness and Integrative Personal Development.  She has developed innovative and comprehensive programs, taught courses, developed educational curriculum, given numerous retreats and workshops.  She blends eastern and western spiritual teachings with rigorous study of anatomy, biomechanics/kinesiology, developmental and cognitive psychology, and comparative spirituality/mysticism.
 Pheo has a PhD in Curriculum Development and Teacher Education from Stanford University, that included a minor in Kinesiology, and graduate study in anatomy and physiology.   Her dissertation contributed a re-conceptualization of educational theory based on an integrated definition of human nature. Using Yoga, Zen, and Ken-do, she presented what an integrative education for the person must include.  
Drawing from the Eastern spiritual paths, Pheo has become a Pranayama (breathing) and Hatha Yoga master, as well as a Tai Chi Master.  
Her creative output as Pheo Rose include her composed/performed/edited music under the Mystic Rose Music Label.  Through these well received music recordings, she created ‘Musido,’ the first music based integrative program  that blends music, breathing, and meditation.   This program allows those with physical disabilities to have the fullness of an integrative personal development.  She has also put her kinesiological based Tai Chi forms to many of her musical pieces to augment the benefits of Tai Chi as a movement meditation.  Pheo Rose also has a substantial collection of poetry and parables. Some photography in the website is under the name “Ann Martin,” which honors the artistry of her mother.  
Decades of programs, courses, workshops, retreats, writings, and multimedia presentations have been developed to promote and develop holistic self-care and integrative personal development.
More about Pheo Rose Martin
Pheo Rose – The Musician
Pheo Rose produces music under the Mystic Rose Music Label.  Pheo’s music composing and improvising began as a child.  During much of her personal journey to self-integration music poured forth which she now shares with others.  The music was not composed on page and then played; but rather, poured out of her fingers so to speak, and probably will be difficult to put into the mathematical based musical scores (Two extremely gifted composers gave up).  This gives a uniqueness and freedom of expression which was of higher value to her. 
Her 4 music CD series, Entering Oneness: “Soul Bridge,” “Soul Pulses,” “Soul Yoga,” and “Inner Universe” is music to enjoy, and also a progressive meditation for accessing the greater Self/deeper mind/spirit. The listener needs headphones to focus on the 180 degrees of stereo. Melodies change from one instrument to another, and right, left, and center music instruments change.  The goal is for the person to focus into all three. In doing so, the meditational focus is the intricacy within the music.  This music is used in the Breathe program, as well as the Land of Being program.  
For those suffering, grieving, and seeking inner healing, Pheo produced You are Not Alone, a 4 music cd series:  “Giving Life,” is to revitalize. “Compassions Caress” is filled with music that soothes. “Soft Light” is for the times when the suffering becomes overwhelming. “Emerging Through the Darkness.” also know as “Emerging through the Darkness,” has a musical journey of a person trying to take on a substantial step in wellness and integration (please see program notes,)  “Peace Bringer, Lullabies for All Ages”  helps with relaxing into sleep which can be challenging at times. This music is relaxing, soothing, and can be used as a musical presence to alleviate some of the pain, and help in the healing/restoring process. This music is used in many of the Replenish Vitality Programs.  This music has been used in hospitals, hospices, treatment centers, and bereavement programs. 
Her Healing Earth Life music CD is a musical progression of prayer/energy vibrations for healing all life on earth.
Pheo Rose – Poet/Writer of wisdom and Parables
The journey to self-integration is exquisitely powerful.  Pheo has recorded much of her own journey, and what she gained through it, through poetry and parables, and prose which can be found on this site, especially in the “Writings for You” section. 
Pheo Rose – Photographer
Pheo has brought forth what her contemplative eye sees through the lens of a camera.  She gives the expression “Insight is seeing the ordinary in a new way” meaning through her photography.  Daughter of an artist, she has said that she has to capture the image in the moment seen, rather than using the layers of oil to bring about the image.  She does have her own form of artistic patience.  When photographing the ruins of the Gardens of Babylon, she was asked by the person standing behind her, watching the Zen-like lineup of the shot, “Were you waiting for them to grow before you snapped that?”  Her response was “I was waiting for the camera and the gardens to take the shot.”  Her photography has been used for some of her cd covers.  Her photos are used throughout the website, and many of them can be found in the “Photos for You” section.
Pheo Rose Martin– Scholar
The journey to self-integration is greatly enhanced by study of the writings of those who have written about their own journey.  Pheo’s study began as a senior in high school reading cognitive and developmental psychology.  Her commitment to a thorough foundation of knowledge led to an undergraduate degree, a graduate degree, a PhD, and years of study that still continues.  Her library is a comprehensive collection of eastern/western wisdom and mystical traditions; as well as fields of knowledge pertaining to the body, mind, and greater Self/deeper mind/spirit.
Pheo Rose Martin Manual Laborer
This may seem an odd inclusion, but in actuality, doing manual work by repairing, gardening, and taking on endless house and property challenges is a complementary activity for personal wellness and integration.  Giving life to wood through oiling it, repairing a faucet, cleaning gutters, washing windows, etc. brings a life reality into focus which balances the inner work. She found affirmation in many spiritual writings that emphasized the importance “getting your hands dirty in manual labor to clean your mind.”