(If you would like to purchase any of these musical pieces or albums, I have found that going into Amazon’s “Digital Music” category and searching Pheo Rose, will bring up all the songs.  For less than a dollar you can purchase any song.  This allows for downloading and playing the music on possibly better quality devices than what your computer provides.)
You can also stream the music on Apple Itunes.)


This music is more of a “musical language” speaking what words cannot.  You will get the best out of it by focusing with intuitive thinking to listen to what the music is “saying.”  The meditation series, like any form of meditation requires great focus.  The healing series speaks to the inner pain often caused in life.  Intuitive thinking to hear what the music is saying will give you the most from the music.

Please read the program notes for each album. The notes can greatly enhance your listening experience.

The first 3 albums, Soul Bridge, Soul Pulses, and Soul Yoga form a musical meditation progression.  They are not meant for “easy listening,” but many enjoy them just for that.  Use stereo headphones for the best meditation experience.  Follow the instruments in your right ear, left ear, and center.  Focus on what the instruments are playing, and how they shift around.  The music can absorb your whole attention.  With each cd, the music piece is longer.  Many of the musical pieces you will be familiar with.  The goal is to extend your meditation time.

Soul Bridge Album
Soul Pulses Album
Soul Yoga album


Inner Universe is a wonderful musical meditation album in itself.  Read the program notes, and enter your inner universe. 🙂

Inner Universe CD


The next four cds are soothing, and meant to relax deeply into.  Giving Life is meant to boost your life energy.  Compassions Caress is for times when you need some musical softness.  Soft Light is a musical response to times when stress, depression, anxiety, and the like have taken hold.  Emerging Through the Suffering provides an extraordinary musical response for those in emotional turmoil.  Especially with this cd, read the program notes.

Giving Life Album
Compassions Caress Album
Soft Light Album
Emerging Through the Suffering Album


In increasing your relationship with nature, and in response to the natural crises that are increasing, Healing Earth Life goes from the musical expression of nature in crisis, to the healing and replenishing of nature.

Healing Earth Life Album


Lullabies are wonderful for winding down, especially before sleep.  They are also good when arriving home from a stressful day, or at some point at the end of the day that you have time for “you.”

Peace Bringer Album