Healing Earth Life Album

Healing Earth Life Notes
The Healing Earth Life  music was composed in the first decade of the 21st century, and focuses on “healing earth and life.  Every molecule of a human has come from the land and water of this planet.  How we treat the planet directly affects  each person. Pollution fills the air, water and land. The human disregard of reversing these has substantially contributed to a devastating climate change that is increasingly disrupting, and even killing, not only human life, but all life.
In the 21st century, what is before us is a global crisis. There is no more “life as usual.” We must reverse and  clean the causes of the pollutions. We must restore and promote the renewable resources on earth. And, critically important is to protect those non-renewable resources.
Urgent and global effort is needed.  Part of healing ourselves is to heal this earth — a miraculous planet of ecosystems, biodiversity, and natural resources. Anything less than a  complete effort will not overcome the devastations that human apathy has allowed.
The music in this album progresses from:
  • the “plea” for human help,
  • Responses that human intelligence and technology can and must provide,
  • To a celebration of healing and rejuvenation that a determined humanity can bring about.
  • The final piece, It is Time is a call to action. It is time, because each year humanity is not directing all efforts to reverse and heal earth, we are losing more in every respect. People must push governments and cultural values to heal the earth. Humanity can heal the damage, but this must be the focus of the 21st century. And, as we can integrate the wellness of ourselves, never again can humanity act without including the wellness of earth, for ultimately both are intrinsically interconnected.
This music is inspired by the belief that as a listener deeply enters into these pieces their consciousness is raised: to the plea, the focus to heal, and the determination to create and follow priorities that will lead to the healing.

  1. Help Me Help me is a plea of a life form that has lost what is needed to remain viable. The waters and the lands are filled with life which could be making this plea. 4:57
  2. Ocean's Cry The Ocean’s Cry uses real whale vocalizations. The musical nuances render a “voice” of the ocean’s cry for not only human ravaging and pollution to cease, but also restoration and preservation be given. 4:51
  3. Hear My Plea Will You Wait? Denial delays. Acknowledgment without action delays. This piece of music is a plea to wait no more, it is a plea for human response. 4:52
  4. Rays Of Hope Rays of Hope begins with the barrenness of a planet without vibrant and diverse forms of thriving life. With a human collective response “rays” of hope begin to stream in. Humans globally coordination with healing responses to life on earth takes a priority place. Materialism is replaced by “Earthism.” All life on this planet thrives, human and natural. 4:56
  5. Genesis Dawn Genesis Dawn is the actualization of an immense global effort to restore and replenish the miraculous life on this planet. The “dawn” of earth life restoration honors both the global transformation of human consciousness” as well as the fruits that consciousness and effort will bring. The beginning of living realization of the interdependence between humanity and earth. 4:42
  6. At-One-Ment At_one_ment is a vital process which cannot be overlooked or missed – for really to feel a oneness with all that earth is a wondrous feeling of being truly alive. 4:33
  7. Healing Waters Healing Waters is a metaphor for the human actions to restore, replenish, renew, clean, etc. the damage that has been done. And, also, to be proactive with climate changes and work with this. Human imagination, creativity, and thinking has what it takes. We just need to now use it. 4:57
  8. Alive Being Alive is when those feelings of being one with this earth are part of seeing the immense benefits of our actions, there is an increased integration of what it is to be alive. 4:24
  9. Rejuvenation Rejuvenation honors the efforts that will rejuvenate our miraculous planet of life. There is a myriad of pulsing rhythms to be restored; and, what a glorious sight and sound that will be. 4:37
  10. It Is Time It is Time summons humanity to begin the progression from hearing the earth’s plea with response to the human integration of interdependence. The lies that resources are limitless, and nature can hold whatever we discard are replaced by a consciousness that sees what is needed to maintain the interdependence. Humanity can promotion earth life, as earth life then can sustain human life. 4:51