In Honor of All Nature Provides

A “Creation Prayer Garden”

The creations in nature are truly wondrous. The intricate color pattern of a tiny butterfly to the awe-inspiring sunset spreading across a sky, to the vibrant colors of a coral reef and all the fish therein, are amazing.  Nature provides experiences of Sacredness that to use the saying “lift one’s spirit” beyond what daily life can provide, let alone often takes out. 

[In a very practical perspective with examples throughout history, nature also has constantly provided the inspirations and knowledge that have been used in human inventions, as well as the natural compounds that eventually became part of medicines. Just these two aspects of nature are extraordinarily important for humanity.]

All of that is in tremendous peril. Unfortunately, in the course of human history the overall attitude has been to take without regard of the consequences on nature with its ecosystems and biodiversity. The destruction, pollution, enormous number of extinctions has wiped out who knows how many benefits that could have been gained. This planet, completely unique and irreplaceable, now needs human commitment, ingenuity, and global efforts to reverse the attitudes toward nature, and with that a substantial and sustained course to recover, as much as possible, what has been lost. In such efforts of restorations, preservation, and living in balanced sustainability with nature, there will be the added benefit of a strong interrelationship with nature.

There are an increasing number of organizations that focus on saving and preserving what has been created in nature. International commitments are beginning. Those contributing to these efforts not only are offsetting the destruction that has occurred, but also are gaining a more personal connection to nature. This has the added benefit of potentially Experiencing the Sacredness in nature. 

In honor of the exquisiteness of nature a “Creation Prayer Garden” was created. Below is a “virtual tour” of it. Whether one believes in the power of prayer or not, seeing and reflecting on the many animal replicas, statuaries, and representations of natural elements is a beneficial experience to remind us of what we do not want to lose. For those who know the power of prayer, the garden is designed to provide a place for prayer.


overview of all 3 circles

An Unique  Custom Designed Interconnection of three circles with a path through it
provides the shape of the prayer garden.


As a person approaches the entrance to the garden
a combination of natural elements and bird replicas form a beautiful natural sculpture.
This sculpture honors the incredible natural sculptures that can be found in nature’s creations.


At the front of the first circle are objects representing land, water,  and air — the beauty and wonder that can be found in all three.


small bird on rock with ferms                    small bird on rock with ferns

On each side of the front center piece are simple reminders  of what can be found in nature.


A statue of Confucius stands in the middle of the first circle.
He was one of the earliest advocates of the importance of benevolence,
with the ethics necessary for sustaining creation.


The Entrance has a piece of wood that was naturally shaped as a hand  pointing the way.


This natural stone points the path’s direction.


The Buddha in deeply quieted mind

The first object at the beginning of the path is a statue of Buddha in a deeply quieted mind.
Humanity has the capacity to still the cacophony of thoughts to experience

 the inseparableness with all else, for we all are made from nature’s elements.
 What we do to nature ultimately we do to ourselves.


Young man sitting comfortably in the "bliss" of a deeply quieted mind; with little rabbits sitting unafraid.

A young person sitting comfortably while in the “bliss” of a deeply quieted mind
poses no risk to the curious little rabbits. 


foot bridge over waters to second cirdle

The path then has a foot bridge to the second circle,
crossing over objects of the waters, honoring their place in nature.


Sea shells

There is so much life in the oceans andseas,
much of which feeds humanity, and also has so much beauty.


frog on lilly pad

Lakes and rivers are full of life which we humans choose
 either to pollute and devastate, or nurture and protect.


ducklings crossing path to statue of a lady

Crossing to the second circle  is a group of ducklings.
New life can abound in protected natural habitats.


Lady and ducklings gazing upon one another without fear.

Moments of shared recognition between humanity and creatures of nature can occur
when humanity lives in balance with these creatures instead of wantonly killing them.


Hawk sitting atop a long piece of tree bark.

Creatures have never been found destroying their habitats,
but instead have adapted to what they provide.
Humanity has much to learn from such history.
Using urban planning, technology, and architectural design
humanity can create habitats that blend with,  and even better, natural habitats.
Living within such blended environments will benefit all. 


colorful peacock figurineAnd what beauty there is to not only in nature but also the creatures in nature.
Millions of people go to natural forests wildlife areas, etc.
Birdwatching has an impressive and historical history,
Tours through through wildlife areas is has a definite place in tourism.

Many developers wipe out natural habitats to fill the desire of people
who want to live in natural settings, wiping out the ecosystems in those settings,
and regardless of the environmental impact.
Change in attitude and permissions for developments, and their locations,
can and must include preserving certain areas, and blending into others.


Woodpecker and small bird sharing a long piece of bark.

Not only do creatures adapt to nature, but also share habitats.
Humans can do so much to facilitate this
and even include this in all human locations.


Pelican, seagull and lilly pads.

What exists above water is just a glimpse of all that exists underwater,
Humanity has wiped out habitats on land as well in the waters of earth.
Protecting and enhancing these is essential,
Pollution has devastated the waters, caused massive extinctions,
and overfishing dangerously reduced species.
Tremendously substantial work is urgently needed to
reduce pollution, replenish species and develop aquatic life habitats.


gecko on rockNo matter how small and seemingly insignificant, creatures have a place in earth’s ecosystems. 
The dodo extinction came about because they had no fear of humans.
Sailors killed them all thinking only of feeding themselves,
instead of using sustainable selection — mindless tragedy. 
Humans must provide what species need to thrive no matter how small.
For scientific and medical advancement in itself depends upon this.


foot bridge to third circleA foot bridge crosses to the third circle, which honors shared relationships possible in creation.


Family of weasels looking up to greet and question the intention of humanity.As you cross the foot bridge a family of weasels look up at you. The question is:
Does humanity kill creations of nature and ecosystems and all in those; or, does humanity use the intelligence that kills and destroys to instead preserve create life-giving relationships?


sun/moon engraved discs with vertical symbol of infinity which forms human shapeThis grouping in the middle of the third circle is a reminder that
this planet in our solar system and beyond is unique and precious for its potential
of abundance of ecosystems that provide complex interrelationships of life

The ecosystems full of living organisms adapt over time.
Humanity has disrupted those systems in such a short time, that extinctions are rampant daily.
And now humanity has a short time to reverse what has been caused.
The survival of humanity is directly related to the survival of ecosystems.


lama with small rabbitOne of the remarkable outcomes of humans creating animal sanctuaries is that
these animals often befriend each other. Such a positive sign of what humanity can bring about. 


A sitting male lion with a small lamb curled at its feet
On a farm in the USA a female cat took in ducklings that were born at the same time as her kittens
A female cat would typically eat ducklings,
but the timing was such that she considered them part of her brood.
There are so many other stories of such interrelationships.
This all begins with humans’ interrelationship with these creatures.  


several avian species and a squirrel at the bottom or a long piece of bark




An owl, birds, and squirrel at the bottom depict the shared existence that one day can take place. When humanity creates healthy interrelationships with all of nature, there will be a thriving of all life.  Rather than looking to other planets for habitation, wondrous and thriving life can be enhanced on this wondrously responsive planet. Globally, cultures that provide strong interrelationships with their ecosystems will provide enough biodiversity for sustaining human as well as the creations in nature.





Statue of Mary, mother of Jesus and squirrel looking up at her as she gazes down.Mary, mother of Jesus, is a Jewish woman honored in both Islam and Christianity.
Here she symbolizes humanity fully giving, nurturing, and protecting, all life on earth.
She is completes the path on the left side of the 3 circles,
and now the path turns toward the 2nd circle.


Giraffe with lion cubsThe elegant creatures deserve their rightful place,


male deer with squirrel

Disregard of Nature, the Creatures and their habitats
most often destroys what cannot be replaced
and what humans gain from the disregard
cannot compare to what humans lost.


In strengthening natural habitats we not only provide for the existence of creatures,
but also we reduce how much they infringe on human habitats searching for food.


turtle and shellsCrossing back over the bridge from the 3rd circle to the second
there is turtle figurine Turtles have existed over a million years.
A multitude of turtle species are among the numbers of species already extinct.


smiling turtles and small fox figurines with fernsThese smiling turtle figurines add mirth to the scene
in which a hoped for abundance of habitat improvement
produces an abundant array of creatures.


Vibrant colored heron amidst reeds.Even the marshes are full of spectacular creatures
And a multitude of marshes have been destroyed
or are in imminent danger.
To balance humans and nature’s sustainability can be accomplished.
Human resourcefulness simply needs to be directly turned to this.


2 bird figurines perched on and under piece of tree branch

Crossing over the bridge back to the first circle are 2 bird figurines.
Their expressions could be interpreted as their raising the question:
How long before humanity realizes there is too much to lose
by selfish and greedy devastation and human disregard?


translucent globe sitting on broad leavesThis globe shines a light in the dark.
In the dark historical and present times of environmental devastation
and too low a priority to reverse the devastation,
Hope can be seen in so many organizations and human efforts.
A light in the dark.


small pagoda statue
Rounding out the first circle is this small pagoda statue
that also lights in the dark.
Globally, human action at a substantial scale
can reverse the course of environmental destruction,
devastation of ecosystems,
and even the causes adding to decimating climate change.
May the refusal to acknowledge and take action on behalf of nature
and all the creations in nature
now give way to immediate, substantial, and Global attitudes and actions
to reverse what can be reversed, preserve what can be preserved,
and enhancers and benefactors of all creation on this miraculous planet.