Image of Rainbow painting

A Self, Integrated


One who knows self and being
can experience life freely and willingly.
What is presented is perceived in every dimension,
and in abstraction there is meaning.
One ever evolving seeker,
winding the threads of experience through all the being.
Move to feel and actualize,
Move to think and realize,
Move to do what love instills.
Wholeness, Uniqueness, and Aliveness, is elucidated.
Pheo Rose


An Overview of the Value of Creativity


You can listen to “Rejuvenation” by Pheo Rose to feel that creativity ‘stir’
(This musical piece is from “Healing Earth Life” CD, available in the Store)

Being creative can take many forms.  Most people are far more creative than they think.  If you were once ridiculed or received a poor evaluation of something creative you did, you may have a strong avoidance to engaging in anything creative.  Exploring one’s creativity can take patience and perseverance, … and a good sense of humor with the capacity to laugh with others at your failed attempts.  And, even if no one else appreciates your creative output, but you find joy and satisfaction in it, “go for it.”
Creativity is essential to well being.  Perhaps what some say has merit: “our spirit finds joy in our creativity because creativity is essence of the spirit.”  For sure, creativity taps into the deeper levels of the mind.   The focus needed while creating is one of the few activities that can quiet all those clamoring thoughts (inner voices) within. And, it may be one of the easiest ways to open those deeper areas of mind.
Creative activities include all the forms of art and crafts.   And, creativity takes time!   The more you focus, the more the clamor quiets; and, the more quiet the better you can focus.  This takes time.  And, with the hectic pace of modern societies, this much time can be difficult to find.  But, knowing that creativity “feeds” your spirit, quiets the cacophony of inner voices, and even can be restful, will hopefully motivate you to find the time.
Creativity has many benefits.  Besides its aspect of quieting and drawing upon the deeper levels of the mind, creative activity is part of personal growth.  Looking upon something you personally created can greatly help your self image, and this is crucial for personal growth.  Vicious obsessions and fixations can be broken by times of creativity because the focus breaks the hold of an obsessive thought or fixation.  There are also many stories of the chronically ill who have said they survived and came through their illness with the help of a “new creative outlet.”
Have you discovered where you are most creative?  Can you “carve” more time out to be creative?  Where would you start?  Try 10 minutes a day.  Keep going until you find something that feels right.  And keep your goal on quieting and focusing, rather the quality of “output.”


The Variety of Creative Outlets

Creativity has a rather clumsy place in most societies.  Societies want great art to prove their worthiness, but almost all true artists fit the “starving artist” description.  Workplaces want new and creative ideas for improving company goals, but most all creativity is squelched.  A sign of a wealthy society is more leisure time that can be filled with creativity.  But almost all people work horrendous hours every week to keep their job that builds that wealthy society.  And finally, fine arts are a benchmark of societies’ standing in history, but too many times, societies promote mediocre, superficial, and other mind-numbing entertainment and offerings (which circles back to the starving artists who produce the works that finally receive recognition in history….)
So, this is a place In the Land of Being that is tough to visit, stay in, and gain from.   Here are some “off the wall” suggestions. Sometime when out shopping, stop by art/craft departments or art/craft supply places.  Try to find activities that do not “soak up your finances.”  This is a snare to avoid.  Instead of watching TV (others’ creative efforts) head to a craft area that you have set up somewhere.
If you never had the courage to take up a musical instrument, but always wanted to, find stores where you can rent one.  They also usually have instructors.    Use common sense about what you can afford.   This is not a pedantic “you should do this for your own good,” perspective.  It is part of taking your life into your own hands, literally and figuratively.  How much of our lives are already in others’ hands?
This is a good time to start your own “sin tax.”  Instead of buying that which you know is not good for you, use the money to purchase that which will get you going creatively.   What you will most likely find, as a multitude of others have, is that creativity is so fulfilling that you don’t need those “compensating” vices.
Physical activities, especially all forms of dance, are creative in that you are working with fine motor skills.  These, though, have to be balanced with your present state of health.  Working with a physician as your need requires,  begin in this physical area for movement patterns are a tremendous integrator.  Work takes so much, families can take so much, working two or more jobs takes so much.  Walking during work breaks, trying out fitness centers and swimming pools, checking the internet for various dance groups or sports opportunities, are all there for you.  Take back your body from that which only depletes.  Like a host of people you will find that exercise does not deepen the depletion but actually over time significantly lessens it. So, create your own dance routines to your favorite music, and combine creativity with exercise.
In all life, take back the time and space to be the creatively alive person you truly are.


The Light and Shadow of Creativity

In daily lives, all areas have “light” and “shadow.”  Creativity is one of those areas of great light, thus also can have a great the shadow.  A perversion of creativity is to use it to manipulate others, figure out schemes that steal from others, etc.  Forming “creative” excuses for lapses in judgment, and responsibilities not taken care of, are other areas in which creativity can be perverted.  People who use creative thinking to find ways to cheat to achieve a goal, have lost immense ground, even as they achieve their goal.  Creative Thinking needs to stay focused on creating crafts, art forms, and even your own dance patterns.  Overcome its use in making excuses, manipulating, deceiving, and lying.  Even as you may succeed in these, your wellness suffers as the integrity of spirit is greatly diminished.  This diminishment is why three major spiritual traditions begin the path to your true self with admonitions to stop such thoughts and behavior. (See the topic introduced in the section “shape up” in The Way of Words.