Giving Life Album

Giving Life is a general term that embraces many of our needs.  Using this music to activate and enhance your own self healing powers is one form of giving life.  Using the music as prayer and a time of peace gives life.  Using the music to release the anxieties that are unrelenting, and to lift out of depression, gives life.  Most of all, using this music to be embraced by the Infinite Love which gives you a sense of aliveness above all the temporal strains and sufferings you may bear gives life.
Whatever you may need in bringing about a good feeling about being alive, this music will help carry you there.

  1. Genesis Dawn Genesis Dawn is a musical dawn, beginning a new day of living for you – any time of day. You are so much more than: • the identity you have had to form to fit in and take a positive place in your cuture/society; • the situations and circumstances that have shaped you -- and perhaps taken so much out of you. Let the music lead you to a “Dawn” where you find that there is a “you” that none can take or tarnish; and, no suffering can destroy. This “you” is called by many with terms such as your “soul,” or “Greater Self.” Whatever term used this is the eternally beautiful, loving, and wise “you.” Getting in touch with this deepest part of you brings you into integration with that which has brought forth creation, and is pure Love, Mercy, and Wisdom. With such integration you have access to the fullest understanding and support for living. Genesis Dawn musically expresses “the dawn of realization within yourself and this integration. This Dawn can happen at any moment, and often occurs with a depth of suffering when our social identity and life we have shaped is crushed. Follow the music’s progression from the first nuances of light into the fullness of a “realization dawning.” 9:27
  2. Rays of Hope Rays of Hope now shines on what has felt rempty, broken, or lost. Follow the musical light that brings harmony and life to you. Hope is an act of self will to place positive thoughts as one’s focus. Realization that there is so infinitely much more than your identity to “fit in,” is a source of great and lasting hope. Hope is one of our truly powerful energizers that gives us life. 4:58
  3. Deep Breathing Slow Breathing can help you relax and fill each area of your body with re-vitalizing oxygen. Use the gentle rhythm of this piece as you practice “diaphragm breathing,“ (push your belly out on inhales and pull it in on exhales). Breate slowing and deeply in a nice rhythm. As you do this, you will be expanding and increasing your life vitality in each cell. If you can, place yourself in the infinite Love and Peace that no one and nothing can take away. This piece of music can also be found in the “Mindfulness” development musical series in the Soul Yoga album. 13:23
  4. Unite With More Unite With More has a musical babbling brook with a warm morning sun relaxing you. Imagine yourself relaxing in a beautiful setting, and allowing yourself to just “be.” Open to enjoying being with yourself, to then being with the beauty of nature. Focus on being with both. (This piece of music can also be found in the “Mindfulness” development musical series in the Soul Yoga album) 9:54
  5. Waves of Bliss Waves of Bliss builds on the peace you are entering; and for the next 23 minutes breathe rhythmically, ever deepening your peace by returning your focus to your breathing, hope, and sense of soul/Greater Self.. Fill your being with the peace of all this, which releases the tensions sapping your energy. 4:50
  6. Compassion's Caress Compassion’s Caress can be deeply felt when that peace is filling your being. This is also a piece of music that honors that Love beyond all being which/who is infinitely compassionate, and lovingly accepts and deeply understands how and where we find ourselves -- unconditionally. Here is where we can most release all the burdens that are sapping your life energy. 4:54
  7. New Star New Star reminds us that new beginnings to a deeper life in reality is always possible; and, that this light often emerges out of personal darkness. Such Light is the Light of Love. In your own personal inner universe, you create a new Star each time you give life to yourself -- especially when you begin in the darkness. Feel the inspiration, and give yourself a renewed sense of living. 4:20