For Those 12 and Over,

The Earlier You Begin
the More Each Year and Decade
Will Bring
Integrated Personal Wellness and Quality of Well Being.


Integrated Personal Development
Comes as Integrated Personal Wellness is Increased.  We Discover amazing knowledge of our uniqueness, strengths, and undiscovered skills and talents we did not know we had, and find the Ways to Personally Develop them.


Consider this Website to be set of FREE Online Classes that has a “go at your own pace,” and “choose what you want to learn when you want to learn.”  Typically, months will be needed to just study each section and any activities associated with them.  Going back again and again over the years to come will deepen and expand your personal wellness and integration.  There really is no end to personal wellness challenges and personal development integration.  So, take these at your pace, be patient, and most of all create wellness habits and integration commitments through the years.  This is YOUR life journey, and all in this website will greatly benefit and enhance your journey. The website itself will be added to, with updates given notice in the “What is New.”


With a relatively small amount of time and effort, you can begin to increase your personal wellness, and quality of wellbeing.  You have life responsibilities; the challenge and change you make is to find/make time between responsibilities.  Eventually, as your integrated wellness and personal development increases, you will handle your responsibilities better, and find even more quality time for “you.” 

When you feel good about yourself, you have an added strength to take on the demands of life.  You also have increased prevention of many health conditions that require some form of treatment.  Even when health conditions do emerge, having a sense of well being and a strong self can provide you a sense of self confidence and energy to proactively control/improve those conditions. 

Including an integrated personal wellness program as part of your life, you will find you can handle not only health conditions, but also the emotional and mental strains that come from added demands in your personal, social, work life, as well as cultural demands placed upon you. 

There are, and have been, numerous “programs” that promise life quality improvement, personal success, and even spiritual enlightenment. All too many of these do not have comprehensive foundations in the needed knowledge areas.  The worst ones are simply money-making ventures. The Replenish Vitality Institute is based on decades of scholarly study of physical and mental/emotional/developmental health sciences and all the major spiritual traditions.  There are no fees, or monetary investments to what the Institute offers.  The Institute’s goal is to provide you with a framework of knowledge and offerings that you can explore and use by your choice.  Some may want more structure, but developing how and what you choose is part of life, so this website is to strengthen affirm your capability in this. 

 In this educational program, both personal wellness and personal development involve body/mind/spirit integration.   Health sciences are doing more and more to establish the mind/body integration.  Spiritual integration is not based upon religion, but upon thousands of years’ old common tenets found in wisdom writings.  

Why Is this Website Valuable?

With the lack of educational and cultural investment in body/mind/spirit personal wellness and integration, families and/or friends are often the ones who encourage wellness and personal development.  Those are the wonderful people who “see” who we are and can become; and provide the encouragement and support.  (There are also people who would want control who you become, so beware.) 

Without a particular inner strength and self direction and discipline, or others who bring out the best in us, there are “empty places” within. (The musical piece “Locked Ache” from the “Soft Light” music album speaks to this in what words cannot.)  Personal stress/anxiety and depression, often set in. Thus, a great majority of people rely upon unhealthy compensations and gratifications to dull the stress and strains, or even boredom. This can lead to a spiraling of lack of health, inability to function, and personal failure. 

In the 21st century, societies will enter times of chaos, but out of this will come a much better societal organization and governance, including an increase in the value of wellness activities and technologies.  There is already evidence of this in personal wellness technologies and opportunities that have taken hold in the first decades of this century.

You may find more and more that your workplace and health plans are emphasizing “Wellness Programs.”  They are discovering that depletion leads to health conditions that drain the person; thus placing greater strain on healthcare systems and decrease employment productivity.  “Unbalanced” individuals can also lead to increasingly erratic behavior that adversely affects one’s own life, other lives, the society, and ultimately the environment of all life. By starting now, at whatever age you begin, you will creating your own personal foundation.

One of the greatest human achievements of the 21st century will be when there is global acknowledgement that the most crucial resource is “an integrated person, who has developed their unique skills and talents” You can be part of this tremendous step in human evolution.   Begin with yourself, include a dedication to your own personal integrated wellness and development.  Contribute to bringing this to others.  This is the way to lessening Healthcare costs and crises and crime. This is the way that cultures can address lackluster personal motivation in all sectors, This is the way to an integrated world flourishing and self-sustaining.   

What You Can Do Now

People may judge you for what you do, have, or achieved, but you need to remember that you are much more than that, and take on your personal development to develop the best of who you are.  As one saying puts it: “You are not what you do and gain, but who you are are as a person.”  Gaining all the riches of the world can leave a person empty in the depths of their being. Materialism provides gratifications, but not integrated fulfillment.  Life is a journey, not a “this is all there is.” Time is but a continuous series of opportunities that you either make the most of, or lose forever.  Live the journey, maximizing your personal integrated wellness and personal development.  You will know your progress as you become more aware of yourself and the life around you — finding that you care for both equally.  You will contribute more to life this way than someone who limits both who they are, and what they do simply to gain wealth or stature, or even social acceptance. 

As you read this, take a moment to intuitively assess your level of personal wellness and how much you have put into personal development. There is no guilt because societies have yet to provide you what you need.  Whatever your personal assessment, The Replenish Vitality Institute is meant to provide you with  support, direction, and a variety, and range of activities.  You should not be alone in improving and sustaining your wellbeing. The hope is that what you find and enter into here eventually will be a societal emphasis.  In the meantime, you deserve the support provided here.  You can “jump in” and go explore “YOU” programs or delve into the knowledge bases.  You can go enjoy the music, photography, or writings.  Choosing where to go from this moment is the beginning of listening to your intuitive mind.  There is no regiment or specific steps to follow.  But, continuous steps you must take.  If you are unsure where you want to start, Relado is a good place to start because our lives are filled with relationships, most of our relationship with ourselves.  If you have come to this site with suffering as part of your life right now, you might want to start with Those in Need.  For most everyone, much in this site possibly will have some familiarity; and, then give you much to build upon.  Give yourself the gift of all that is here. 

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