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Integrated Personal Wellness Provides
the Quality of Well Being.


Integrated Personal Development
Comes as Integrated Personal Wellness is Increased.  We Discover  an amazing amount of our uniqueness, strengths and talents we did not know we had, and find the Ways to Personally Develop them.


With a relatively small amount of time and effort, you can increase your personal wellness, and quality of well being.  When you feel good about yourself, you have an added strength to take on the demands of life.  You also avoid many health conditions that require some form of treatment.  Even when health conditions do emerge, having a sense of well being and a strong self can provide you a sense of self confidence and energy to proactively control/improve those conditions.  If you simply include an integrated personal wellness program of integrating body/mind/spirit activities, you will find you can handle not only health conditions, but also the emotional and mental strains that come from added demands in your life, as well as living in your local and national situations.

Both personal wellness and personal development involve body/mind/spirit integration. Each person is totally unique, and to develop fully who you are, integrated wellness is necessary.  As we take on integrated personal wellness we discover more about who we are as a person, and then can develop both strengths and weaknesses.  Actively developing who we are then loops to increase our personal wellness.  So, both are tended to in the Replenish Vitality Institute.

Most of us spend almost all our time in activities that deplete our wellness — in a range from ongoing demands to unhealthy compensations and gratifications.  In the 21st century, societies will enter times of chaos, but out of this will develop much better societal organization and governance, including an increase in the value of wellness activities and technologies.  There is already evidence of this in personal wellness technologies and opportunities.

You will find more and more that your workplace and health plans are emphasizing “Wellness Programs.”  They are discovering that depletion leads to health conditions that drain the person; places greater strain on healthcare systems; and decreases employment productivity.  Depletion can also lead to increasingly erratic or depressed behavior that adversely affects one’s own life, other lives, the environment, and ultimately society itself.  One of the greatest developments will be when there is global acknowledgement that the most crucial resource of the 21st century is “an integrated person who sees and works for the integration of systems, especially  the ecosystems,” As we have previously placed little focus on personal well being and healthcare, and found the cost of this; we are seeing that the previous minimal focus on the well being of ecosystems has cost humanity and all other forms of life suffering, death, and extinctions.

Within the general area of integrated personal wellness, comes that aspect of individuality and thus personal, individual, development.  People may judge you for what you do not have, but you need to remember that you are much more than appearances, and take on your personal development to develop the best of who you are.  As one saying puts it: “You are not what you do and gain, you are what you are as a person.”  Gaining all the riches of the world can leave a person empty in the depths of their being.  Life is a journey, not a “this is all there is.”  Live the journey, maximizing your personal integrated wellness and personal development.  You will contribute more to life this way than someone who limits both who they are, and what they do. As you read this, take a moment to intuitively assess your level of personal wellness and how much you have put into personal development.. There is no guilt, because societies have yet to provide you what you need.  The Replenish Vitality Institute is meant to provide you with knowledge about integrated wellness; as well as, support, direction, variety, and a range of activities for increasing personal wellness personal development.  You should not be alone in improving and sustaining your well being. The hope is that eventually what you find here will be a societal emphasis.  In the meantime, you deserve the support provided here.  

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