How you take on the discovery and development  of the uniqueness of “you” (there is literally no one else exactly like you) is best done through comprehensive programming, there is so much to discover!  Even though this is comprehensive, please know that you choose intuitively and selectively what you want to take on when.  Some people like a verbal approach, The Way of Words, is a good start for them.  Some people are visually inclined, and the Wisdom Photos become a good place to start.  Some prefer audio music to “get into.” The Music for You, and Musido are good fits.  And some people need to be active, The Land of Being opens many paths for that. To get the most out of this website,  expanding into more of the website will increase your personal wellness. Do not feel that you must do any of the *Y*O*U* programs first, or in order.  Skim the website, and then enjoy delving into what intrigues you.  Curiosity is a wonderful aspect of wellness.  And, if you have trouble getting intrigued, you may want to go into the Those in Need section first. 

What is VERY important is that you visit not only the “Those in Need,” as well as the “Gifts for You” sections interspersed with the *YO*U* programs.  There be times when you just stay with these when your energy just is not there for anything else.

Ideally, education beginning in childhood would have introduced and taught you what is in these programs, and there would be a greater ease of simply continuing that education.  So, at times, you may need to just listen to the music, or enjoy the photos, or visit the “When in Need” sections.

What is vitally important is that you keep going.  You may find that life is so much more than you have been exposed to, and in that so much more meaning, purpose, and personal fulfillment. 

Others and society demand much from you.  Finding time for yourself can be difficult in itself.  Using that time to healthily tend to yourself (rather than slipping into gratifications or simply “zoning out,” that eventually weaken your strength) will not only bring a higher sense of self and thus self esteem, but also immensely help you meet the challenges of life “head on,” and find peace and perspective in all of your life.

Unexpected events can easily, at the very least, throw you off, and at the worst, be life changing challenges.  Through developing strong holistic self-care, these can be met, first with dealing with the emotional impact, and then taking on with confidence in yourself what you face.  Remember time is but a series of opportunities, some pleasant, some unpleasant.  Meet both with a strong sense of self, deeply enjoying the pleasant, and confidence in taking on the unpleasant and even devastating. 

The Foundation of all the programs is “Holistic Self Care.”  If you do not holistically take care of yourself, you will not have the physical, psychological, and spiritual (not to be confused with religions, cults, or any of the alike) capability to fully develop the beauty (yes, each person has an inner beauty) of who you are. Taking care of yourself holistically provides a vibrancy throughout your entire life. Such care also is the best preparation for the painful life events.  Have all the “inner” resiliency, strength, and vibrancy to truly be able to take on what matters to you.  Best wishes *Y*O*U*