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This website is ever adding or updating more information, help, and inspiration.  So, when you would like, click on this page when you arrive to see “What is New.”


December 12 2021
Since the May entry I have been focused on the “manual laborer” part of me as I took on 8,000 sq ft of re-landscaping, plus seeing a garden through harvesting and then feeding it before putting it “to bed.” All that time a Glo parable was in the back of my mind. Today, I published it.  The Glo parables are rich in humor and wisdom. Enjoy.


March 18, 2021
These “What’s New” entries will also include my reflections as I work with this website.  Today, I realized my concern from having seen over the past decades how people have filled the gap of this education by programs that are shallow, always involve payment. Sometimes increasing the cost as a person stays involved. And at worst, can lure such good people seeking a greater wholeness to themselves and/or reaching out for personal growth and development, into a controlled situation – the worst almost being cult-like.  There are reputable programs but sorting out these from others is difficult.  My PhD included curriculum development.  This is why this website is set up to be like an online class.  I believe that the time is coming when education, beginning with primary schooling, will include “education of the person.”  The emphasis is not to “study about,” but to have curriculum in which students discover and grow/development into personal wellness, and a strong personal quality of life.  In honor of all this, I have added the following statement on the HOME page:
Consider this Website to be an Online Class that has a “go at your own pace,” and “choose what you want to learn when you want to learn.”


March 19
Even as you are invited to choose intuitively where you want to start, and choose from there, for those who would like a suggestion, mine is that you start with first, Relado, because we are in relationship first and foremost with ourselves, and definitely with others at different times. The other section I would recommend is Discernment, because there is so much every moment that requires discernment. From there you may get ideas of what you want to take on next.


March 20, 2021
I have just updated the three pages within Those in Need. I expect that as my life journey takes its course I will continue to update these, and even add others.  Our life journey is continuously bringing changes, and we only can control so much, and then we must deal with the unexpected.  There is a saying, “Do not pray for ease, pray for strength.”  For all of us, our focus is on meeting stressful life changes with a proactive self-confidence and a perception that we will learn and strengthen.


March 21, 2021
Updating continues, and will continue.  So, please check back on sections you have read, especially those you are presently working with.  All updates are intended to clarify and assist your learning. 🙂


March 26, 2021
I have lived by the wisdom of “humility knows no bounds.”  Last week I discovered some page titles that did not have the content I intended for them. sigh.  So, Postural Alignment, REXST, Rest and Sleep, and Nutrition have either had content updated, or added.  I am working on Exercise.  This is almost finished.


April 7, 2021
I have just added the first three “Glo Parables.”  A precocious little girl who has been allowed her imagination, and been loved with a love that opens that imagination into wisdom.  These are as much fun as they are thought-provoking/developing for intuitive thinking.  Enjoy. 🙂


April 28th
After weeks of work, I have updated “Serving” in the “land of Being.”  Serving might seem simple, but is actually very complex, including motives, relationship dynamics, discernment, and even holistic self-care.  One cannot live love without serving,  or even reach those greatest depths without serving.  For many cultures, serving is considered a “lower class” or even “lowering of oneself” work.  This places a sigma on perhaps the most crucial aspect of optimum personal wellness and integration.  Thus, this section is given special attention.  And re-reading it from time to time will be beneficial because all involved is really difficult to “take in” just in  one reading.


April 29th
Work on organizing and updating Writings for You has also taken weeks.  I decided to organize the poetic form writings into three sections.  I have begun filling each section.  And adding to each section, plus adding more parables is to come.  The Music for You, Photos for You, and Writings for You, are meant to give you opportunities to just enjoy, as well as develop your intuitiveness and capacity for insight.  With such a limitation of these in everyday life, there is a special joy to include these in this website.  🙂


May 1
I added to the HOME page “For Those 12 and over.”  I realized that this website might be considered only for adults.  Starting at age 12, understanding most of what is in this website is possible, and will be of great benefit in each and every year thereafter.  Adults who are benefitting from this website can share it with younger generations, and have this be a meaningful as well as a special time together.  There are life lessons adults want children to master, and this website provides an excellent foundation for this.  There is definitely an opportunity to learn from the vocabulary and knowledge contained in the website.  Education will eventually incorporate what is here into age specific curriculum.  In the meantime, this website is designed to provide a general curriculum that is age specific by its “go at your pace,” and “learn what you want to learn when you want.”


May 11
I have just edited the Relado page.  There is more content, and all content is better expressed.  This is a page that deserves rereading continually over time because relationships, starting with the relationship with our selves are ever-present in some form.
June 21
I have edited the introduction to Pheo Rose music, “Music for You.”  This music is more of a “musical language,” to speak to the listener what words cannot.  The meditation series of music albums require focusing attention as one does with any object focused on in meditation to silence the cacophony of thoughts.  The series of music albums responding to the inner pain and suffering that can come into our lives is best “heard” when listened to with an attitude of “what is this music expressing.”  The musical language offers the greatest benefits this way.  None of this music is intended for background music, or “easy listening.”  The music is speaking to the listener, and thus when listened to with focus offers so many more benefits.  So, make the best of this musical language by using your intuition to listen to its “musical words.” 🙂