Peace Bringer Album

Quieting the mind at after a day’s responsibilities and/or at bedtime can often be a challenge.  Lullabies through the ages have been used mostly for children to sooth their way into sleep.  But, the essence of that type of music is really helpful for people of any age.  This album of music begins by honoring the legacy of lullabies with an arrangement of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” which allows for deeply entering into it, and thus, relaxation.   After that, there are original lullabies that again promote deeply entering into the musical arrangement, releasing the tensions and stresses of the day, and providing quieting relaxation.

  1. Twinkles Twinkle Twinkle Little Star may be familiar. Much musical relaxation components have been added to immerse into. 4:45
  2. Resting Softly Resting Softly is the longest musical piece in the album, so that there is a comfortable duration for slowing down from the day’s energy output. 13:12
  3. Sleepy Time Sleepy Time is a lullaby that “sings” to the active part of the mind that the time has come to relax and release all that might be circling around in consciousness preventing the peace necessary for initiation of sleep. 9:27
  4. Gently Tending Gently Tending is a musical “outreach” of love and care that is meant to console and reassure the mind of the Eternal Love and Care that is always there. 10:58
  5. Heartland Heartland musically takes the listener into the “land of the heart,” where peace and release can be helpful. There are few places in life that the “heart of feelings and trust” can feel completely safe. “Heartland” is the musical “door” into this place. 8:43
  6. Love's Cradle Love’s Cradle Once in Heartland, this musical piece gently cradles a melody of love for the listener. 10:26
  7. Soul's Duet Souls’ Duet was inspired by Gently Tending. Developing ego consciousness is a vital part of human personal development. But, when not re-integrated with the deeper mind and Greater self, can leave a sense of separation. Humans often try to fill this with other people or endeavors, but the best course is to pursue this re-integration. This musical voice expresses two voices: one seeking that “oneness” of integration, and the other who has Eternally and never waveringly been there to embrace and welcome such re-integration. This depth of peace can release all that the day has held, and takes the listener into the deepest peace. 8:13