Icedom’s Teachings

So much in life can teach us when we are aware and alert to what is happening in each moment, open to wisdom, and humble enough to be taught.


Be mindful in life for entrances to personal wellness and development


As in other realms we live in, there are choices of what path to take


Be Open as well as discerning; and never hesitate to take u-turns when you have gone down a  path that makes you feel wary, or you know is not good for you.


There are precious gems of insights through alert perception. Sometimes the seemingly ordinary holds a precious gem.


Time is but a sequence of opportunities.  Be ready for what is next for you by knowing whatever it is, you can make it a life-giving opportunity.  


The unexpected can bring exquisiteness or anguish, remember the saying: “This too shall pass.”


There is an inner knowing when the path you are taking is life-giving to yourself and other life.  This is the path to follow.


You are in the Journey that we call life.  Seek humility, wisdom, knowledge, and compassion. Find what you can do that improves the quality of all life, while providing yourself a means to live with satisfaction, joy, and peace.  There is great beauty and light in such a journey/life.