Emerging Through the Suffering Album

Suffering deserves much care.   May this music honor and tend you.






  1. Solemn Greetings Beautiful Soul Each and every person is a beautiful soul, who forms an identity over the years; often one that includes regrets. But nothing tarnishes the beauty of your soul. Open to the dignity of your beautiful soul. 7:16
  2. Lost One Whether we are the one suffering, or if a loved one is, there is such a mix of emotions, decisions, and dynamics, that we may feel to some degree being lost in what and how to do next. 4:24
  3. Locked Ache Locked Ache honors the suffering that is most often done silently and alone. It is the ache that seems to find no release. 12:51
  4. Forgive Me God Forgive Me God honors the reality that we most often would rather not face the suffering than trust in God. Accepting what is, and calling upon God brings you the Power of Love that transcends suffering and even death. 12:39
  5. Encircle Encircle yourself with God's Love that pours out to embrace you. 7:00
  6. Triumph of Love Triumph of Love Over Suffering takes you through the trials of the greatest suffering; and how with Love you emerge with a renewed sense of life and an inner treasure of wisdom, compassion, and peace. (PLEASE See inside for more notes on this piece.) 24:51
  7. Totally Yours Through the suffering may you find your way to Infinite Love, who is totally yours now and forever. 6:25