Soul Yoga Album

When you have trained through Soul Bridge and Soul Pulses,  the “yoking” of focus and attention for deeper mindfulness is before you in Soul Yoga.  This album of music is a musical form of yoga provides practice for the rest of your life.  The addition of the pieces “Kuma Chakras,” and Maku Chakras requires that you learn and can follow the chakra paths within you.  So breathing and following the chakras increase your focus and attention in your mindfulness of the present.  Chiki, introduced in Soul Bridge returns to energize the immense work you are about to take on in the next pieces.  This album is very absorbing as you enter again and again into it.  There is no end to the practice it provides.

  1. Chiki Yoking takes energy. This lively piece gives you the opportunity to feel the energy you will need. Focus on the musical “voices” as you draw together your energy. 3:23
  2. Dojo's Way You rejoin the three strolling musicians you met in Soul Bridge. One musician begins with a single melody, followed by the second musician playing a different melody. Then the two play a duet—can you hear both melodies at the same time? The third musician plays a third melody, then plays a duet with each of the other two in turn. When they join together as a trio, can you hear all three melodies distinctly at the same time? Next the musicians impishly challenge you to follow each melody as a round is played. You get a few chances. After a last trio, they each send you on your way with solos. 12:01
  3. Slow Breathing This is a familiar piece from Soul Bridge and Soul Pulses. You have used it to practice following your breathing. Now, when you inhale, visualize all that oxygen being drawn down through your nose, through the front of your torso to its base. Exhaling, imagine the breath looping around the first chakra to rise up the spine, around the back of the head, forward, down, and out the nose. Just follow your breathing and visualize the circular flow of breath and energy. Can you hold the focus on your breathing cycle as well as on the music? This piece begins the strong integrative yoking of attention and focus to include your somatic (body) more. 13:23
  4. Kuma Chakras While staying aware of your breathing cycle and following the musical voices, attune to the musical reverberations. With the high notes, focus upon freeing the tension and constrictions in your 6th chakra. As the music drops in pitch, move your focus downward to each chakra in turn, opening and releasing each tension. Near the end, the music sweeps you up and down through all of your chakras. Remember that your cycle breathing takes you through your chakras so these can be integrated in your focus and attention. 9:27
  5. Maku Chakras The final challenge—holding all the chakras together simultaneously with the breathing cycle and musical voices. You begin with the two deepest chakras (1 and 2): the base of the spine and sacrum. Then you hear the solar plexus melody (3rd chakra). Strings lead you into the heart (4th) chakra. Moving up, add the thyroid (5th) chakra. The brain/pituitary (6th) chakra is next, but its melody is soon merged with the heart chakra melody, for love melded with intelligence gives wisdom. Finally, the crown (7th) chakra music is added. With the deepest to highest chakras now held, can you feel a vastness yet an intimacy of being? Serenely hold the integration. The ego's "either or" must give way to the oneness that can hold paradox. 9:15
  6. Waves of Bliss Now enter the bliss of such oneness, beginning with the music cycle that complements your breathing/chakra cycle. All is one, and you are floating. through the vastness of self with lightness and transparency. Become one with what seems infinite and yet is so intimate. There in that oneness, you are within your soul. 4:50