Meditation Using Sound


For those individuals who are interested in eastern personal wellness and integration practices,

Here are the Seven Chakras that will be referenced in this meditation.  Please review each location so that you can image them during the meditation:



Sound frequencies are very complementary to ‘clearing and cleansing’ imagery.  Some believe that sound frequencies reverberate and tune our personal energies.  In this four minute sound frequency meditation, listen to the sound, and hold the resonance even into the silence.  Use the sound frequencies to image the following:

1.       Highest frequency begins.

  • With the first bell image clearing your brain of all ‘dis-sonance’ (that which is stressful, anxiety producing, depressing)
  • With the second bell cleanse and clear the eye area of fatigue and strain
  • With the third bell open the back of the throat from any constriction
  • With the fourth bell, open the front of the throat from any constriction

2.       Middle frequency is next:

  • With the first bell focus on expanding the upper part of your lungs, and lengthening your spine
  • With the second bell merge the sound with your heart.  Image bringing resonance into your heart and life.
  • With the third bell, fill your lungs with the resonance of the sound
  • With the fourth bell, allow the sound to reverberate throughout your rib cage, bringing resonance and expansion

3.       With the lowest frequency:


  • Draw the sound all the way down into your ‘belly’ or ‘chi’ area – the sound last longest in this frequency to help you.
  • Swirl the sound around between your navel and spine. Think of a vast cavern of resonant energy
  • With the third bell merge the sound with the genital area, cleansing and clearing gratification energies
  • With the fourth bell unite the universal chi energy from the genital area to just below the rib cage.  This is the energy that will flow upward.

Starting with the lowest frequency you will center your ‘chi’ energy, bring that energy up through the next middle frequency and highest frequency areas.

The Meditation ends with you uniting yourself in the ‘chi’ energy from the top of your head into the bottom of your torso – one vibrant flame of life.