Poetry Inspired by Nature

Time spent quieting into nature can give so many insights.

“Nature’s beauty replenishes like no other sight — our deepest mind remembers ancient memories and finds wisdom, solace and understanding.”  Pheo Rose  October 13 2009


The Fire of Life

First a spark and then a small flame,
and with proper care flames gather height and breadth.
A fire is produced, growing and consuming itself.

Good wood surrounding the fire introduces in the burning
longevity and a spectrum of colors and highlights.

Hardships such as strong winds calls flickers in the flames.
A weak fire may go out, but if it withstands,
it will be stronger than before. 

Some elements may damper the fire
extinguishing certain flames forever.

Although the fire by its own burning consumes itself,
  it has added at least a little warmth and light to existence.
Often the deepest and richest coloring comes with the aging embers

In the end, even the fire’s remains
contribute to the organic unity of this earth.

                                           Pheo Rose December 1972, copyright Contemplative Life Foundation


Love’s Flower

Love’s flower pushes for the light of life and the air of others.
From the seed, it ages with time.

Nourishment and deprivation fate the flower’s growth.
One special person can fertilize love’s ground,
and a bud blooms into a radiant blossom;

Freely blowing in the wind and withstanding contentious elements,
The flower radiates an aura of beauty and serenity.

Love’s Flower has its own seasons.
Relationships wilt, Solitude prevails,
Warmth of true love opens, and depth of intimacy flourishes.

Only when a root system extends deep,
can the flower weather lack of nourishment of others and the darkness of despair.

Each flower grows in its own way.
Some develop deep roots but never reach out.
For these to blossom, rustlings of another are necessary.

For those never rooting, each flower stunts and withers.
The wise ones root deeper, than they reach out.

                                   Pheo Rose, Spring 1973, copyright Contemplative Life Foundation


These two poetic writings are found in another section of this website, and deserve a place here


Birth Of Day, Light

As an expectant mother, one waits for the birth,
anxious and hopeful for the freshness possible in new life.
As birth comes, one feels a part of the natural phenomenon.
But, all the while, with the realization of not being in its cause.

Imperceptibly, almost magically, nature “gives birth to a new day,
From darkness to lightness in a seamless change.

Within that short period  all life has changed.
With birth, colors and spectacular sights are unveiled.

It shall be so named “DayLight.
And having been part of the birth,
One feels closer to Day’s existence.

Pheo Rose, 1971 copyright Contemplative Life Foundation


Beams Of Our Natural Sanctuary

Oh, hallowed trees, too often your existence goes unappreciated.
You provide natural color, design, and character.
You are the beams of nature’s sanctuary.

What would life be without your delicate leaves,
Intriguing branches, and stalwart trunks?

If we listen, you can sway us to deeper understanding.
If we observe you image every mood.
Time itself is ringed on you, and hundredfold years are recorded in your shapes.

Humans take from you to make build and burn.
Each chop and breakdown of your fibers is a death unheralded.
Each fire is a sacrifice gone on honored. 

As wisest sages you quietly stand before us.
Your wisdom is exemplified in your ever yielding and bending,
while remaining rooted in growth.

Like children we take from a limited perspective.
You have so much more to offer than that taken.

Bless the trees, for they are providers and teachers,
abused and neglected by too many people.

But what of the interaction between human and tree?
What is given to us in provision and wisdom, can be returned in love.

We humans do not realize the tremendously unique quality.
Of being able to love and appreciate.
People ridicule those who might hug a tree.
Let them also find a way to live that love.

                              Pheo Rose,  July, 1973  copyright Contemplative Life Foundation


To end this section, here is an honoring of the Creator of this miraculous creation:


To The Creator of this Miracle of Creation

Swiftly fly my stillness,
to the One I so love,
who quiets my thoughts,
and fills my heart with peace.

Swiftly fly my stillness,
and place the swirling chaos
into the One I so love,
who fills my heart with peace.

Swiftly fly, Swiftly fly,
My Stillness to thank my be-loved One.
Who fills my heart with peace.

Pheo Rose,  2005 copyright Contemplative Life Foundation