Inner Universe Album

Our minds contain so much that I say each mind is like an inner universe. This music is to help you imagine, enter, and explore your inner universe that is filled with unfathomable amounts of wisdom and life-giving knowledge. Focusing on the music and quieting all thoughts is a superb portal into your inner universe..
Learning More about Your Inner Universe:
For 5000 years, individuals “enlightened” by the galaxies and brilliance of their inner universe, have left teachings to encourage and guide humanity to this full Self-realization and integration. Their teachings can help you to learn more about your own inner universe. But each and every “enlightened” writer would say that the process is not from the outside-in.  But from within through emptying the ego of its desires and strivings, and to quiet all thoughts of constantly barrage our consciousness.
Please note: For Developing the Skills of Stilling Consciousness use the three set Mindfulness training cds:Soul Bridge, Soul Pulses, and Soul Yoga These are an arduous progressive development that is inexhaustible in what can be attained This music also can be used for easy listening, for relaxing and refreshing your mind.

  1. Fanfare to the New Age Mindfulness is taking hold in the 21st century. This will lead into that once mindful, detrimental, and the constant barrage of thoughts will be dropped into a peaceful quiet sense of just presence and self. This piece of music celebrates this evolution of human consciousness. 0:06
  2. Star Gazing Imagine your conscious and deeper mind gazing fondly upon one another, as a person gazing upon stars that lovingly gaze back. Take your focus from “everyday” thoughts and seek your inner universe that sparkles with quiet presence. 4:04
  3. High Lights Ah, feel the vibrancy of energy that comes when your conscious mind has quieted and connected with your deeper mind. 3:50
  4. Coherence When we enter the deeper mind, we are then freed from impinging ego consciousness and discover the quietest, but most sublime part of ourselves: our Greater self or soul. There is no thought here at all, only recognition of what has always been there, and realization this is the most exquisite and eternal “galaxy” in our inner universe, in which we know we are “one” with all. You may be able to feel the “coherence” of this, but the journey is only beginning. 4:22
  5. The Vast Using the musical beacons to focus your mind, travel within; finding intimacy in the immensity. 4:07
  6. Muka Depths Quiet consciousness even more to enter the greatest depths of your inner universe. 3:56
  7. Lost One There are times when conscious mind stops being a portal and instead tries to dictate from its “own agenda” of desires and needs. Recognizing and accepting this is part of the inner universe experience. Acknowledge these, and commit to dealing with them when appropriate. But, for now, they need to give to the deeper mind and Greater self for the wisdom and inner knowledge that will best address them. 4:15
  8. Love's Reach No matter how lost, nothing is beyond the reach of Love. Whether you are feeling lost in the intrusions of ego consciousness or deepening through the music, this piece honors that not even the greatest depths is without the presence of Love. If and when you do not feel the presence of Love, it is time to backtrack and get in touch with this presence. 3:28
  9. Twinkles We all would do well to rest our inner child in the arms of Love. Our physiological and psychological/cognitive development often crush the innocent curiosity and trusting love of a child. When in our inner universe that child is safe and can freely play and roam. 4:42
  10. New Star Personal Integration brings forth new stars in our inner universe, exquisite expressions of increasing “enlightenment.” 4:20