Soul Bridge Album

Imagine yourself in a small room with many people, all trying to get your attention at once.  Whom do you pay attention to first, the one with the loudest voice?  Certainly that one voice can drown out many others. Your attention skips around, to other voices that emerge.
Your consciousness is no different.  As in that small room, there are many thoughts, anxieties, worries, temptations, etc. trying to attract and capture your notice.  Which do you pay attention to, the usual barrage of sights and sounds, along with all the associations they may bring?    Do troubling thoughts  smother all others?   What about the incessant thoughts of desire?  All the while you are not “living in the present,” instead you are “consumed by the past and the future.”
These thoughts in their clamoring also deny you the benefit of the deeper levels of your mind.  “Mindfulness Training” clears those thoughts of past and future, and allows you to live in the “present moment.”  The benefit of such training is that you can put into perspective the past and future, instead of being “swamped” by them.  Also, when in the present, not only can you keep from getting swamped, but the mind functions better and not only provides better perspective, but also what needs to be let go of in the past, and learning how to live into the future.  This cd’s music is the first level of mindfulness training using music, (music is very conducive to the mind).   Soul Pulses and Soul Yoga are the next levels of training that take you to mastery of mindfulness through mus.
Challenging journeys are more enjoyable with the right provisions.
  • Use headphones that have as much outside noise reduction as is feasible to your budget – you do not need the finest headphones, just ones that have outside noise cancellation. 
  • Find a comfortable position that is quiet in itself. Reclining with your feet up, or laying flat are the best.  You want to take pressure off your spine and veins in your feet.  However, if sitting upright, with spine straight works best, use that.
Every musical piece uses at least 2 channels of music that are heard in the left, right ear, or with stereo centered in the middle.  By presenting you with 2–4 instrumental “voices” at all times, this music provides practice in attention and focus by you holding all those voices.  The goal is to fully hear only the musical voices instead of the thoughts and distractions that intrude into being mindful of the present.  This training, though arduous in itself, begins to free your mind from the strain of stressful, anxious, or worrying thoughts of past and future that drain your vital energies.  With each moment you can focus your attention, you can achieve calming, peaceful, and even playful feelings of well being.


Cross the Bridge to that deeper place of Joy and Peace.


  1. Dojo's Way Imagine yourself strolling with three musicians, each playing a unique instrument and melody in a round. 4:46
  2. Chiki Energize with these musical vibes. 13:13
  3. Breathe Feel the breath of life coursing through you. 4:14
  4. Dance Mindfulness is not static, and awareness of the present is filled with energy. Allow your mind to “dance” in the present. 3:50
  5. Open Feeling the joy and energy of “Dance” open to the present, letting go of past and future. 9:28
  6. Play The present in itself is full of changes. They do not have to be taken on with perceptual filters of worry and anxiety. Get in touch with “playfulness” to reduce such filters. 3:21
  7. Unite Replace feeling separateness that the ego and psyche can produce which increases strain, anxiety, worry, tec. with a feeling of union with the present. Whatever is present you the capacity to integrate into, rather than fragment you. 3:27
  8. Move Focus and attention allows the integrated you to move effectively through the present. This piece of music increases your focus and attention, while providing you with the sense of “moving through” the present, not being bogged down or stuck in it. 4:03
  9. Waves of Bliss With increased attention and focus, along with what you have achieved through the previous pieces of music, relax into the bliss of being. 4:50
  10. Awaken Grace Before leaving your musical training, fill yourself with this energizing music to take on what awaits you once you take the headphones off. Your focus and attention on this piece of music with all you have gathered from the previous pieces of music, provides a sense of well-being; and, from the deeper mind that has had time released from preoccupations, provide Grace for what you will deal with. 3:37