Image of Land of Being

In the above sections, you learn and develop in and through activities such as how to breath, meditate, enter into integrative “body/mind/spirit activities.”  In the Land of Being, the uniqueness is learning how to live in our every day activities in a way promotes integration.  There are some activities that we may add, such as “creativity” which re-focuses consciousness into a very different use of our minds.  Certainly entering our “greatest depths” will be new to most.  “Discernment” will probably be recognized, but perhaps with a new use and emphasis.  “Serving” will also probably be recognized, but have new dimensions presented, especially regarding synergistic energy.  Some of you have had lives that have produced “Wisdom,” that gaining inner knowledge through deeply life changing situations.  Here is affirmation, and for all, explanation and development of wisdom in life. “Rexst” is the blending of rest and exercise — both are needed and rather difficult to find time for.  “Personal Growth” may be familiar to very familiar as this section compliments the section on “Mind” in Holistic Self Care, and the “Relationship to Self and Others” in Relado.  New aspects may be found.  Perhaps the most familiar in some respects is “Living Love.” This is a wonderful basis to continue into integrative love.

There is no order for which ‘path’ to follow first.  Going down one path in one often brings you to another place, and you find how integrative these places are.  Ultimately, all this places come together in your “Land of Being.”  So, explore, work the ground of your being, and create a beautiful landscape that is uniquely you.