Soul Pulses Album

The journey to Mindfulness continues

The Mindfulness/musical meditation Journey Began with the Soul Bridge CD.
Using the Soul Bridge cd you came to the place of holding in focus not just one instrument, but two or more.   The musical pieces are short because such attention takes effort.
Focusing your mind without continual outside thought distractions continues with Soul Pulses.  Now you are ready to extend the time and breadth of focused attention, which brings these new challenges:
  • Dealing with distractions. While listening to these longer pieces, you may find distracting thoughts intruding more.  Note which distracting thoughts intrude the most, and then bring your focus back to the music.  (what you are distracted by indicates what you calm and quiet in general.)
  • Staying focused longer. Scientific studies indicate that the human attention span is normally less than a minute. These pieces of music are more than five minutes.  The longer you can stay focused, the more the deeper mind is tapped into.  (Instead of “riding the waves” of shifting attention, you go “beneath” to the deeper waters).  Your goal is to become “one” with the music.
  • Focusing without judging. There may be pieces of music on this album that you find less enjoyable than others.  However, each has a singular purpose, so the challenge is to take on the focusing, and releasing any judgment of the music itself.
As with any arduous training, months may be required to successfully attain the goals of Soul Pulses.  Once you have achieved the goals, the Soul Yoga CD awaits youWith this CD, you will be able to greater depths of mindfulness.

  1. Breathe Longer Your breathing, in itself is an excellent focus for training mindfulness. Focus both on your breathing and the three musical channels (left, center, and right – remember stereo headphones are a must to achieve this.) This piece of music is 3 times longer than the version on Soul Bridge . Remember that holding your focus in such a manner is very arduous. Stop and note where you are in the piece of music before you tire; and, then slowly increase until you can hold your focus through the entire piece. 11:25
  2. Open Wider Awareness begins with openness. Rather than including the focus of breathing, now you want to feel the warmth of your body, and the millions of cells actively working in you that you may live. You may discover places of discomfort, and adjust the position you are in while doing this work. You may also discover aches and pains that you have avoided, which require health care. Remember that increased awareness of self opens the way to increased awareness of the life around you. 10:00
  3. Unite with More Psychologists have found that human perception is both selective and “makes fit” what it wants to “see.” Integrate your breathing and self-awareness into the three channels of music. This is excellent training for expanded mindfulness. The capacity to hold more in the “present” of your mindfulness. 8:44
  4. Move Freer The “present” is vibrating energy. Now that you have united with more, feel the “movement of life” in the present. This piece of music facilitates perceiving movement in the present. 9:12
  5. Dance More Life moves continually, and often quickly. Being able to “dance” with this reduces fear, anxiety, and heavy perceptual filtering/selection. Consider life as a complex rhythm. This piece of music has plenty of rhythm to guide you into this. 4:27
  6. Play Fuller More and more Psychologists recognize the value of play to release tension, anxiety and fixation on life’s strains and pressures. When you dance, you are in a total play mode involving the integration of body-mind. Enter the playfulness of this music. If you want, you can create a dance to it, and really enter into the playfulness. Or, you can simply enter into the playfulness of the music itself. 10:16