Soft Light Album

When life circumstances become too harsh, when tensions only seem to build, when fears begin to overwhelm, these are times we need a “soft light” to lead us to inner peace.  The music honors the “lostness,” “ache,” and gives voice to the “plea.”  Music casting “Rays of Hope” and bringing “Love’s Reach” is included.  And there are even musical “Healing Waters” to soothe and refresh.  When you need a soft light to diminish the harshness in your life, or even in that/who you love, this music will be there for you.

  1. Lost One One honors the feeling of being lost and directionless. All of us experience such times in either short or long durations. May this music be a soft companion holding you in the lostness. 4:20
  2. Hold Me God Hold Me God is music that expresses the inner call for help when lost. You do not have to believe in that which is greater than all existence or what I refer to as God’s Presence to utter the call for being held by that which does not betray, abandon, or abuse. Love is Present at all times. May you feel the Peace of Love. 5:23
  3. Locked Ache Locked Ache often happens when we cannot find a person we can trust with inner pain, fears, and despair. This music both expresses the ache and reaches out to hold you in it. 12:51
  4. Hear My Plea Finding the right person(s) to trust and open up to is not easy; nor may they be available when you most need them. Pour out your plea through the music. 4:52
  5. Forgive Me Forgive Me is a musical release -- to forgive ourselves for what we do not like about ourselves and how we are handling life. Suffering can bring moments, reactions, and turning to unhealthy actions that we deep within regret. “Forgive Me” honors our self-integrity to come back around and apologize to ourselves, others, and that Love which is greater than ourselves. and indeed all humans, that we have rejected. 12:39
  6. Rays of Hope Rays of Hope come with releasing despair, tears, and despondency. This piece begins with the sense of inner barrenness we can feel. Musical rays begin shining and bring harmonies of hope. Release and open. (This musical piece can also be found on the Giving Life cd.) 4:58
  7. Coherence Coherence comes through the process of releasing and opening to hope. Nothing is resolved, but there is no longer the agony, lostness, or anger. There is a coherence that comes with true reality holds us, and no one and nothing can take this away. 4:22
  8. Love's Reach There is absolutely no act that will ever, in the least, block the stream of Love into you. Silence any inner voices of self doubt or condemnation. Place yourself in “Love’s Reach,” which unconditionally holds you. 3:28
  9. Healing Waters Healing Waters soothe and comfort. Allow the music to flow through you, taking away the negativity that binds and oppresses. 4:55
  10. New Star New Star honors the release from hurt, despair, lostness, and anger into a place of peace, hope, and the “light” of hope and love. (This musical piece can also be found on the Giving Life cd.) 4:20