Of Union and Oneness

A Self Integrated

 One who knows self and being
can experience life freely and willing.

 What is presented is perceived in every dimension,
and in abstraction there is meaning.

 One ever evolving seeker,
winding the threads of experience through all the being.

Move to feel and actualize,
Move to think and realize,
Move to do what love instills.

 Understand a person’s movement,
and their wholeness, uniqueness, and powerfulness is elucidated.

 Pheo Rose
copyright 1971, Contemplative Life Foundation


My Personal Universe

 My personal universe is more meaningful than the one in the sky.
I know I can never reach its limit, yet it is mine to enter any time I open to it.

 I create the sparkling gems of stars coming to birth through who I become.
The glow of galaxies swirl in my being as I gather the pieces of my life.
The spheres of loving/giving form to the beauty of my universe.

 We create the universe of our being.
The deeper we go into the True Reality of life,
the more exquisite our universe can be.
Do not waste time, pollute your universe, or neglect the wonders that await you.

 Pheo Rose
copyright 1971, Contemplative Life Foundation



Song of Love streaming forth from the eternal fountain,
Be-Loved clearly singing Love’s music to be-loved.
Waiting ever patiently to be heard
n the theater of the soul.

Who is this, my soul so yearns for within?
Ah, dear self just look and be with-in.

Pheo Rose
Copyright 1977, Contemplative Life Foundation


This Love That is Intimate and Infinite

Your Presence, 0 Love that is Intimate and Infinite, is of softest tenderness. 
Before all, and after all, You are. 
In union and oneness with You 
I integrate my being, 
With all the tenacity my imperfect being can muster.

In You, I live to bring Your Love to life. 
In each moment attentive and responsive. 
In each day, spreading kindness, compassion, and acknowledgement to all life. 
In each year, taking on the challenge to become a better person,
personally, professionally, socially. 
Serving and tending all set before me often comes in surprising ways.

Life in You is so very Alive, even as it is so often challenging. 
Amazing what can come in a day. 
When we learn to give not attain.

I see energy changing form, but not lost. 
And in that, grieving transforming relationships, 
Adding a richness to life to those reach deeper and do not cling.

I see people striving for what will only end in dust. 
I ache for those who think what they live is all there is. 
I so hope for human realization of Your Love 
that endures and goes beyond “until death do us part” 
and fulfills the soul’s yearning void.

There is no doubt that living in Your Love So Intimate and Infinite,
is very different from so much of humanity. 
Some think me foolish; others think me wise. 
I think I would miss the panoramic view,
And the exquisite moments that  touch my life.

I do rejoice,  for even though time must have its way;
The Power of Love Endures, 
And human consciousness evolves each day.

Pheo Rose
copyright 2021, Contemplative Live Foundation


(Japanese connoting mother-child relationship)


In the womb, mother carried, nurtured,
There is a oneness.

Birth, bringing out aloneness,
casts from the oneness
a separate, individual, “I”.

Lost, longing in a world of otherness:
it, thou, them, theirs, ours, are but barbs.
Even God is separate: above, father, almighty.
Damned to out-sidedness.

“Rebirth,” “ into,” “inside,” “in-ness.”

I am,
in the Eternal Womb,
answering the wail of “I.”

Pheo Rose
Copyright 1980, Contemplative Life Foundation


Of Mind and Body


When I see, the sight comes through my eyes.
When I hear, the sound comes through my ears.
When I smell, the order comes through my nostrils.
When I touch, the pressure comes through my body.

When I listen, I hear what the person is saying, not my interpretation.
When I am thinking, it would seem that the mind is in the head.
When I talk, the words forming in my brain must coordinate with my muscles . 
When I move, coordination is focus without “thinking.”.
When I am emotional, my body may express my feelings even when words cannot.

When I am aware of my emotions being expressed physically,
or when I completely focus into my movements,
 I more vividly realize the reality of mind/body oneness. 

When my mind/body is one, there are times beyond my volition
when I experience of the oneness of all existence.

O joy when we teach, and include as many opportunities to experience, this oneness
As much as we separate and learn about each.

Pheo Rose

Copyright 1972, Contemplative Life Foundation