These writings begin with a section of parables. Parables are unique in that they require intuitive thinking to understand, and open knowledge within you. Developing confidence in discerning inner knowledge helps you along your path.  I am starting with “Glo Parables” in which the girl Glo sees life a little different than many adults. There will be other parables, some of which are lengthy, requiring a capacity to hold an intuitive thinking focus. (see number 5 in Discernment that can introduce you to intuitive thinking.  You may also want to research this term)  This page will be added to and updated.  So check in on new sections, and I will use the What is New for announcing new sections/writings.


There will be different sections of Pheo Rose poetic forms of writing.  This is to help with finding writings that are more relevant or of interest to you at the time you are looking. 


The poetic forms are divided into three sections:


The first section is entitled, “The Pain” (suffering, inner personnel aches, and inner emptiness to name a few) that launches individuals into the deeper reality of life. (People who avoid inner suffering at almost all cost by often denying, ignoring, rationalizing, etc. the pain that life brings,  miss the real journey and exquisite journey in what we call “life.”)


The second section is entitled, “On the Path” is a record of poetic forms representing this time.


The third section “Of Union and Oneness” is to provide vision of the exquisite sense of oneness and union that occurs with commitment to following your own path to That Love that is Intimate and Infinite — yes with the help of other’s wisdom and loving advice; but not with one person who demands your allegiance, or a even religion that controls how you must live, instead of encouraging your individual path.

To be continued….