The Loving Presence in the Experience of Sacredness

The Loving Presence

ALL experiences of Sacredness include an intimate sense of a Loving Presence — the source of the feeling Unconditional Love.  A person can experience this Loving Presence within or without religions and spiritual traditions because this Loving Presence is intimate to each individual, and accessible every moment.

Within the experience of this Loving Presence is the sense that one’s entire life is seen with Unconditional Acceptance and Compassion. Nothing is hidden, and all compassionately accepted. The intimacy felt fills one’s entire being, bringing that sense of Total Peace;  and, the sense of  infiniteness of this Loving Presence brings realization that nothing is separate — a person is included in this oneness.  Even though life is full of changes, transitions, losses, gains, this Loving Presence never changes or rejects. This Loving Presence is ever waiting to console, inspire, provide insights, when all else may seem lost. 

There are no voices to this Loving Presence, the experience is more like not needing words when being with a person whom you know you can trust and who loves you. The shared presence is full in itself without the need of speaking.