The Earlier You Begin

By age 12, you can understand most of what is provided in this website.  And, the sooner you begin learning, the better your life can be.  Changes in your life and your body, as well as increased personal challenges, and perhaps demands, begin to increase. You may find yourself more interested in what is going on in your life right now, than in something like this website.  But, I encourage you to include what is found here along with your other interests. 

What you will find is that you will have more of a sense of your self as you take on your other interests. Most of all, your personal quality of life and wellness 40 years from now will be so very much better. That perspective is not going to just be there, But, think forward, in who you want to be, and what you want to accomplish.  This website will not only help you in these years, but also give you personal direction and strength for the years to come. By age 50, aches –emotional, physical, and deep within — can surface; and, you cannot go back in time.  All of that can be bypassed by starting early in life.  Education is meant to prepare you for adult life.  My hope is that what you find here some day will simply be part of your educational experience.  In the meantime, use this website to gain your personal foundation for your adult life, 

Starting in adulthood provides life experience to give you the perspective of the importance of personal well-being.  You may have stronger motivation to do more for your personal wellness.  Healing, restoring, protecting your wellness may have even more meaning than for those younger.  So, it is not a loss to have not started younger as much as beginning becomes more imperative.  And what you learn and integrate you can help younger generations achieve.  This is what could be called a “win-win” opportunity.  

Teaching children from age 5 and on about basic anatomy, posture, how to walk correctly, and how to deal with emotions, as well as what their preferred learning style is, can begin, and should begin for their personal wellness.  Teaching children that every person is unique can help them develop a stronger self-image. This in turn benefits them as they deal with others as well the social pressures that actually begin early in life, and are a part of much of adult life.

Thus, for those 12 and over, they can begin with what is in this website. For those under 12, adults can begin teaching them the basics of what is here.  And, for those beginning as adults, so many benefits await you.

I wish the very best for you all,