More Information about Personal Wellness

Understanding what needs to be included for integrated personal wellness, can be facilitated by dividing body/mind/spirit into specific areas, but please remember they are inseparable in reality.  Below is a chart with most of these areas:

Why Your Personal Investment into your integrated wellness is important


Being proactive in your personal wellness provides you a quality of life that strengthens and increases your resiliency to the the stresses and losses that inevitably occur.
Being proactive in your personal wellness is ultimately up to you – take the leap into caring for yourself in ways you may not have thought of, but are based in comprehensive knowledge and professionalism.
Ongoing personal wellness activities are essential because chronic depletion can cause a host of health conditions that further reduce your quality of life and often require ongoing treatment.


Why So Many Do Not Invest in Personal Wellness


Using the image of a spiral, a person is either spiraling toward greater quality of  life, or further away.   The 2 greatest factors affecting the spiral are 1) Time and 2) Demands.  You can be motivated, but never seem to have the time to invest into your own wellness.  If you give in to these, your spiral “tilts” downward.  Finding just a few moments a day is all you need to start with anything you choose (see SMART goals in the Holistic Self Care page for the least demanding way to start). And, you will then find other moments, and soon have a pattern of small moments that spiral you upwards in your personal wellness.  For many, “blocks of time” are not realistic at the beginning.
Another aspect to why people do not invest in their personal wellness is that most wellness activities are presented as somewhat unpleasant regimes.  “Healthy diets” may not seem possible because of  expense and distaste.  Also, food can become a compensating gratification, which can augment the problem of a “healthy diet.”  “
Exercise,” like a “healthy diet,” often has an unpleasant association.  One major factor is as children not “performing” as well as others, there were too many negative experiences.  Children could use mean words and expressions, and teachers graded performance — ugh.  Another major factor is that almost all exercise facilities have only high energy level activities.  A person walking on a treadmill can feel uneasy by someone next to them jogging with a fast pace.  Our body image and self image are connected.  So, people avoid exercise to avoid negative situations.  Walking can often avoid such negative situations, and, increasingly is being seen as the best lifetime exercise — especially with staffs.  Please see the EXERCISE page for more on this wonderful exercise.
PLEASE NOTE: Walking, especially with walking staffs to stimulate use of your upper torso uses approximately 94% of your major muscle groups.  And, we have to walk to and from lots of places.  So, taking the longer way to and from is one of those little adjustments that help.  However, you were never taught how to correctly walk, and over 99% of people have posture that is stressing joints, and can lead to all sorts of health problems. Please see “Postural alignment” and “walking with staffs” in the Exercise page, and do yourself the great benefit of maximizing the benefits of walking, rather than increasing joint stress.
(A hope is that starting in childhood “Physical Education” will transition into “Wellness Education,” and provide the knowledge and skills for integrated well being.) (Another hope is that Healthcare and businesses need to invest in very low impact/relaxing opportunities for you.) 


You are More the than Sum of Your Activities


Your quality of life is what you experience moment by moment.  These moments can be dulled by fatigue, depletion, depression, anxiety, grief, and/or other suffering.   Lack of personal response to such conditions typically spirals further into increasing problems.   This spiral, and the “chain” of these consequences can be reversed. And you will be amazed how much you feel better in a short amount time.
We are not “what we do,” though much of life’s circumstances only leave us with this. 

There is a purpose to our lives much greater than what we do, and that is: who we become. 


When we integrate our, to use the common phrase, body/mind/spirit,  into a oneness of well being, we are not defined what we do, but by who we are.  Personal integrated wellness often leads to changing what we do, such as maintaining integrity, honesty, and diligence in job /home/ community responsibilities because beneath the surface of rationalizing unhealthy behavior is a storehouse of guilt.  Maintaining coherence between what we do and who we are significantly improves our quality of life.  
Follow Your Intuition to Use the Variety of Activities that Lead You into Integrated Personal Wellness and Healthcare.
The Replenish Vitality Institute has gathered from health sciences, social sciences, and eastern/western spiritual traditions, the elements for integrated personal wellness and personal healthcare.  Recognizing that you, like each person, is exquisitely unique, there are provided a variety of Programs (“ways”) to such integration.  This website introduces the diversity and variety there can be.   The Way of Words is a program that provides knowledge as the strongest basis for understanding and undertaking integrated personal wellness and healthcare activities.    Musido has both an emphasis on using music in and of itself, as well as an experiential emphasis of body (movement), mind (music), spirit (meditation) all blended together into an increasingly deep integration.  For those with physical limitations using music as well as the program Breathe provides good alternatives.   The Land of All Being is yet another approach to integrated personal wellness.  There are  eight life-style areas of emphasis, that eventually integrate into the “one place of personal well being.”  All these do not require any great physicality. You are encouraged to become familiar and draw upon all the “Ways.”   You will draw on almost all, if not all, at some point or another.
Your life is precious and unique.  Most of us have been “defined” by others and our own, often critical, perceptions of ourselves.   Use some of your life-time to discover the exquisiteness of who you are, and the gifts you have.   Make a commitment to your Integrated Personal Wellness, and discover you can be proactive and well manage any demands or issues you encounter on your life path.   You can replenish your vitality and increase the quality of your personal life — this is yours to claim.
The good news is that in the 21st century, healthcare and business systems are going to provide you better access what you need to improve and sustain your health.  Education also is going to do more in providing knowledge and understanding for what and how to optimize your personal wellness. 
Again, a good place to start is Relado
This is because you are “related” to, at the most basic level, the quality of the air you breath, the water you drink, and the food you eat — all basic necessities to stay alive.  Relationship to our “selves” is life long.  And, the relationships expand from there.  All relationships have an influence, positive or negative on our personal wellness and integration.)